mindfulness and pain

English: Balasana pose in Hatha yoga, commonly...
English: Balasana pose in Hatha yoga, commonly known as child pose, demonstrated by Doreen Foxworth of The Children’s School of Yoga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My lower back locked up on the left side two days ago after sitting so much working on one of my papers for grad school.  The muscles around that area started spasming and I was in tremendous pain.  I could not find a position that would be pain-free.  The only one that came close was the child’s pose from yoga.  I modified it slightly and put my forehead on my hands.  Go figure.  Luckily with all of the mindful breathing I’ve been doing I was able to stay focused and breathe into the pain.  Staying loose and not tense as I breathed really helped.  I was amazed and grateful.

After a trip to the chiropractor yesterday, muscle and heat therapy along with some ibuprofen, I had a better night.  I know I have to continue to be mindful and take it easy so I don’t re-injure the area that is still so weak.  I go back to the chiropractor today and Monday.  I’m confident it will get better and then I have to remember to take lots of walk around and stretch breaks while continuing with writing my papers.

Today I see Liz.  I haven’t been to see her in a month.  I’ve got a couple of items to discuss.  I’m sure there will be some emotional pain that I will experience there too as I try to get to the root of them.  Another opportunity to breathe with and through the pain.  Thank God I was taught this practice.


4 thoughts on “mindfulness and pain

  1. That’s happened to me before. It was really scary and very painful. I couldn’t get up for a good 30 minutes. Just finding a comfy position was virtually impossible. It didn’t last though. Was a bit tender for a few days. But I do get twinges now and again where I it warns me I need to be careful. Hope you feel better soon xx

    1. Thanks Rachel, it is scary and very painful. Since I was rear ended about 9 years ago, I have trouble with that area of my back. I get chiropractic adjustments every month or more often, like now. I also have a massage every 10-14 days. Ifeel so much better today but still have to be mindful and think before I move. I have to turn my body to follow my nose, not the other way around! I’m still feeling twinges when I lead with the left foot. I propped my computer up on a couple boxes so I can stand and type. I know a big factor to not have this happen so often is to lose about 40 lbs. I’ve been concentrating on eating many more fruits and vegetables. I think I need to go back to cutting out bread (or gluten) and dairy again. I feel better when I don’t eat those foods. Plus getting in a habit of doing yoga. We’ve talked about that before! Now it’s time to DO IT!!

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