(divine) connections

The Guardian Angel
The Guardian Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you ever wonder or think about the connections in life?  How one event leads to another…or one relationship leads to another…or one internet search leads to another…how one thought leads to another?  I find it fascinating and can get caught up in the whole process.  Whole new worlds open up!

Part of the reason connections are so important to me, is that having connectedness is one of my strengths.  If you’ve ever done the Strengths Finder 2.0 tool, you know what I mean.  My other strengths are learner, responsibility, belief, and maximizer.

It just occurred to me today that I named my blog “onbeingmindful” because I was learning about mindfulness and wanted so much to adopt that state I thought my blog would remind me whenever I thought about it.  I was referred to my current therapist who told me about her work with MBSR, so I joined her class and learned how to practice mindfulness.  A few months ago my therapist told me about Krista Tippett, a woman who does fantastic interviews for her show ON BEING on APM (American Public  Media).  She wanted me to listen to an interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn.  I did that and a whole world of wonderful interviews opened up to me.  I’ve listened to several other broadcasts and renewed my love of poetry since she interviews poets or her guests use poetry.  I listen to her show every week.  I read the blog almost daily.   I realized the name of her program is similar to the name of my blog!

I am continually amazed too of the connections of people to my blog and my connection to others’ blogs.  It’s like the old-fashioned “party line” (telephone for those of you too young…google it to get the details!).  We check in, get glimpses of one another’s lives, glean something for ourselves and then share it.  Except the sharing isn’t gossip as it was in the old party line scenario.

I totally believe that God creates these connections and when we have an awareness we tap into them.  So many of us go through life oblivious to these things!  Some others may call it “karma” or coincidence or something else.

Marianne Williamson‘s Facebook status today said

There are angels to your left and angels to your right; angels above you and angels below you; angels ahead of you and angels behind you. You are encapsulated in divine vibration, surrounded by love and eternally blessed. Go forth in confidence and go forth in peace…all is well.

It immediately connected me to a conversation I’ve been having with my sister about angels and their importance in our lives.  It also reminded me of the prayer we taught our children when they were little.

Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide.

I thank God every day for the connections He provides.  I thank God for you, dear readers.  I have learned so much about life and myself through reading your blogs.  You provide me with a lot of food for thought.  I’ve connected with so many of you by reading the related articles that word press provides that relate to my current blog post!

God is so good…all the time.

Well, I better ‘connect’ with these essays and the paper I have to write to finish this semester of grad school.  Have a terrific day!


2 thoughts on “(divine) connections

  1. Yes, You’d better connect with what you still have to get done this semester:)))))

    But I totally agree, It’s a wonderful world, the internet. You can find so easily people you can connect to, whether they live far away or around the corner. Learning, exchanging of ideas, feelings, how-to-deal-with- etc. I like your blog and sometimes I follow the links on your blog … and hey… there’s another connection:)
    It really enriches my life.
    The only thing one needs is a bit if courage to express oneself too,
    and for me: the courage to write in English without looking up every word in the dictionary ( would take too much time),
    and the strenght to say: ho, stop, go off that computer, you also have to do other things :)

    Thanks, Shelly, for being a connection…!!!

    1. I am so glad that we are connected too :)

      I did a lot of meditation yesterday…helped keep the anxiety ‘bugs’ away…the ones that think they should reside in my tummy, head and chest.

      Continuing to work on my paper today…goal is to get it done so I can finish my essay questions!

      Have a good day! You do very well with English. I hope you aren’t looking every word up!

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